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July 16, 2008


Thanks to everyone who came to the workshop. on Wednesday. It was a very enjoyable and interesting day. I'll post more info on the day, handouts/presentations/etc. soon. In the meantime do email me if you have any thoughts about the workshop, the website or anything.


July 20, 2008

PALA (Poetics and Linguistics Association)

If you're new to pragmatic stylistics, you might not know about PALA (the Poetics and Linguistics Association). Check out their website and also the website for PALA 2008 this year's conference in Sheffield next week.


free web-based stylistics course

Ling 131 - Language and Style

Here's another useful link which you'll all be interested in. It's a free online stylistics course, developed by Mick Short and colleagues at Lancaster. It's really clear and useful with lots of very well designed activities to work on.