Pragmatic Stylistics Workshop, 16 July 2008

A one-day workshop is taking place at Middlesex University on Wednesday the 16th of July 2008.

We expect 30-40 people to be there, including these six speakers:

Diane Blakemore, Derek Bousfield, Billy Clark, Anne Furlong, Dan McIntyre, Adrian Pilkington.

It's a free event. If you'd like to come, we might still be able to squeeze you in. Email Billy for more info.


(Note: Morning Sessions and Lunch will be in the Green Room on the Ground Floor of the Mansion Building. Afternoon Sessions will be in Room M204 on the Second Floor of the Mansion. Travel information below).

10.00 Welcome and Tea/Coffee

10.30 Introduction: Pragmatics and Stylistics
(Billy Clark)

11.00 'Never a truer word said in jest'
Impoliteness masked as banter in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I.
Derek Bousfield (University of Central Lancashire)

11.45 Reading, Rereading and Teaching: Relevance Stylistics
(Anne Furlong, University of Prince Edward Island)

12.30 Lunch

14.00 POPs, PUSHes and point of view:
A cognitive stylistic approach to viewpoint
Dan McIntyre (Huddersfield)

14.45 'Poetic' Thoughts and Poetic Effects
Adrian Pilkington (Paris)

15.30 Tea/Coffee

16.00 Parentheticals: disfluency or stylistic choice?
Diane Blakemore (Salford)

16.45 Open Discussion on Pragmatic Stylistics

17.30 Close

Travel Information

The Trent Park Campus is located in a large country park near the northern edge of London (the postcode is N14 4YZ if you'd like to explore on online maps). The best way to get there from central London is to take the Piccadilly Line to Oakwood tube station and then use the campus minibus service which runs every 15 minutes (on the hour, quarter past etc.) from outside the tube station. The minibus is around 20 yards from the station entrance on the left (shared with bus number 307). The minibus will drop you on campus outside the student union (now closed for summer). The Mansion Building is the large red brick building with a flag on top which you'll see as you get off the bus. Campus reception is there and the Green Room (where we'll meet and have the morning sessions) is on the ground floor. Note: you should allow at least an hour and a half for the journey from central London. If you have any queries in advance, contact me at: